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The death of a parent is a very difficult event for all to overcome. Knowing that the man who in addition to being your dad was your friend and gave his constant support will never be by your side again is something hard to accept.

The pain and longing for his death are much stronger in celebrations such as Christmas and the New Year, however the day of his birthday is when his absence hurts more. The fact that he is no longer with us to celebrate together, does not mean that we should ignore that day. Keep in mind that his soul never dies and is now watching you from heaven.

You can not give him a hug and greet him personally; however you can dedicate some unique words for his birthday. He from up there will be very happy to know that you remember and that you always have him present.



Then we present a list of greetings for your dad who is in heaven, you can say those words if a meeting is held on his behalf or you can also post one of these messages on your Facebook wall, Twitter, MySpace, etc..

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– “In this day we are celebrating your birthday and I miss you Dad. Despite knowing you’re resting in heaven is inevitable imagine what would it be if you were with us. I will never forget all the efforts and sacrifices you made to get us where we are now. I will always love you Dad. “
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– “Congratulations on your birthday, Dad. I would love you to be together with us to make us laugh as always. All my life I will remember you with much love because you were a great father. I love you and want you to rest in peace. “
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– “No matter where you are, I want you to have a beautiful day dear father. So far I have failed to resign to your death and I wish it was just a dream. I’ll never forget all the great lessons you gave me, you’re my role model. You will always live in my heart.”
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– “Spend another birthday without you is sad, until now I can not understand why you left so soon. To my mind come the memories of those unforgettable moments that we live next to you. I would love to see you even for a moment to give you a big hug and tell you personally how much I love you. Beloved dad, you will always in my mind, heart and soul. Congratulations on your birthday. “
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– “The Lord’s will was to take you away, but I miss you so much Dad and I feel an immense nostalgia for not having my hand. I hope you’re watching us wherever you are and you can hear what I’m saying. Never fade from my mind all the wonderful experiences I had with you. You were a great father and that’s why I will love you forever. “
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– “The sorrow for your death is more intense in this day of your birthday. I send you a big kiss and lots of hugs and hope that God hold you in His holy glory. I love you dad and so far I can not seem to learn to live without you, so I beg you to help me feel comforted by your death. “
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– “I would accept that I won’t see you again, but for me it is very hard to think about that. I only ask God to give me comfort to continue with my life and manage to overcome your loss. I want to tell you to spend a nice birth day, my brothers and me send you hugs. I will always remember you for the rest of my life.”
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– “I wish I could hug you and tell you so many things, I need to talk to you to ask advice. Dad you left a great void in my heart and life. I want to tell you that I love you very much and I feel great admiration for you. I ask God to take me to be by your side as soon as possible. “
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– “In this day you would fulfill one more year of life so when we look to the sky wanted to offer you a few words. Dad you always were an exemplary man, every day you have instructed us to be good people and all other valuable lessons that you gave us cherish forever in our hearts. We will do everything to make you proud of us. Wherever you are I want you to spend a cute birthday along with my grandparents. We love you a lot “
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– “Congratulations on your birthday Dad. You are not physically with us, but you know that your soul is not dead. You will always live in our memories and in our memories because you were an exemplary father who always gave us all the best. I hope you have a nice birthday, never forget that we love you very much. “
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Not being next to our dad is sad. We hope these messages can express your feelings on the day of his birthday.

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