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If someone asks you what the 2 best things in life are, I’m sure you’ll answer love and friendship. Have fun with fiends and love somebody have no comparison with anything else in this world.

You can have a good financial situation and you maybe know a lot of people but if you don’t have friends and a person to love, you’ll fill that something is missing in your life. There are some things that you can’t buy with money and those are the ones which make us happy.



In facebook and twitter, people post lots of messages. Would you like to post a message about love or friendship?

In this article we’ll show you a list of love & friendship messages. Post them on twitter, facebook or send them as SMS.

Free list of love and friendship messages:




– “Finding you in my way were like finding a treasure, our friendship is really valuable”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Having friends makes us happy and give us company, having love give us peace and happiness, love and friendship are the best in everyone’s lives”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “I have friends who listen to me and understand my life, my loneliness disappeared because of my friends; I love them all”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “I’m falling in love with someone special, it’s a wonderful person who fills my heart of happiness, the rhythm of my heart’s beats told me is real love”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “You’re definitively more than what you imagine, you’re not only the person who I love, you’re the man who takes me to heaven when looking at my eyes, I love you”
Category :love and friendship phrases



– “Even though my problems are really big, I know I can count with you because you are good friends; I’m so happy for our friendship”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Our friendship is like a sunny day because it cheers me up”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Being your friend helped me to know you more and now my feelings for you are different, I think I fall in love”
Category :love and friendship phrases



– “I have friends to share the things that make me happy and sad and also I have someone to love, I can’t ask for more to life because I have everything to be happy”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Love and friendship show us that our differences never mind when our feelings are sincere”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Maybe I don’t have enough things to live with comfort but I have good friends, maybe I don’t have a mansion and a car but I have someone to love”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “Love and friendship are like plants, if we take care of them and give them love, they will grow and become wonderful”
Category :love and friendship phrases

– “A friend appreciate us when he/she tells us the true even if it hurts, a love makes us happy when it comes from heart”
Category :love and friendship phrases

We hope you liked these love and friendship messages. We’re sure all your friends will agree that friendship and love could bring us happiness.


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