IT Cover Letters Sample

Letter of introduction from a computer expert :

The world of computer science and computing has developed at a brisk pace in the last 10 years.

Thus, most companies require their employees have basic computer skills. However, some work areas need a high knowledge in this field. This article provides some model letters of introduction from a computer expert.
First of all, keep in mind that these are referential models, and you should add or delete information in accordance with your needs.



IT cover letters sample n° 1 :

Santiago López Martínez
Calle Alcanfores n° 345
1250 – San Isidro

Lima, April 24, 2011




Human Resources Department
“Computer Assembly Industry”
Avenida Círculo Pacifico n° 864

To whom it may concern:
I hereby express my interest in joining your well known company’s personnel as a Computer Technician, and I attach my resume. My computer training was successfully completed 3 years ago in a university, and it was complemented with extracurricular courses.

All of this makes me feel prepared to accept the challenge of contributing to this company in the way you consider suitable. I have a 2 year experience in a computer company, which could be a great asset to a company like yours in computer assembly and marketing.



I will thank you for a personal interview with you as I have information which I believe might interest you, and for considering me an ideal candidate for the above position.

I thank you beforehand for your attention. Sincerely,
Santiago López Martínez
Computer Technician

IT cover letters sample n° 2 :

Juan Vargas Guerrero
Calle Orión n° 753
2548 – Miraflores

Lima, June 18, 2011



Human Resources Department
“América Software Development Service”
Avenida Victoria n° 864

To whom it may concern:
It is a pleasure to hereby express my interest in working for such a renowned company as yours. I have a university background in computing in these specialties:
– System Analyst
– Network administrator
– Web site design
– Software programming
– Hardware assembly and adaptation

Additionally to the above, I have a documented experience in computer companies, as well as courses of specialization in well known foreign universities. For all the above, I feel fully prepared in the computer field. I can efficiently solve any tasks and challenges your company might face.
I will be pleased to be part of your company in any position I am qualified for.

I thank you beforehand for your attention. Sincerely,
Juan Vargas Guerrero
Computer Specialist

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