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The professional profile describes the knowledge and skills a person has. When companies look for employees, they want to find on the applicants’ professional profile information such as their professional degree. It means, if these applicants have bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD and so on.

Also, these companies want to know about their previous experience and their professional objectives. After the applicants’ evaluation process, companies obtain a professional profile for each of the candidates and then choose the one they consider the best applicant for the job position. Here you’ll find some examples of professional profiles.

Professional profiles free samples 1 :
As Metallurgical Engineer I am focused on the implementation and monitoring of the manufacture and assembly of large metal structures, bridges, roof coverings, Silos and complementary structures Naval Industry, Oil, agriculture, etc.

My experience fits into what is called Road Metallurgical, manufacturing and assembly of metallic bridges, roads and footpaths, installation of Flex-beam guardrails on highways and roads, installation of signage and lighting columns. I work in both sectors production and assembly in the supervision and production.

Academic background in electronic engineering, in one of the best and most prestigious Universities of Italy (La Sapienza) with handling in Embedded Systems and Linux Operating Systems, design and simulation of digital and analog systems, telecommunications networks, instrumentation and measures, databases and webserver.

Professional profiles free samples 2 :
I am a Systems Engineer highly responsible, creative, initiative and punctuality,responsibility I assume with the challenges and goals that the organization raised me,adaptability to change, personnel management, ability to work in teams, under high pressure and to solve problems efficiently and achieve productivity goals set by the company and my work group .

Professional profiles free samples 3 :
Leader, responsible, organized, with high capacity for working in team, adjusted to change and focused to work under pressure.
Control and programming PLCs, compact weighing electronics for continuous measuring systems.

Professional profiles free samples 4 :
I am a responsible and dynamical person with aptitude to confront and solve different situations; giving the best of my skills and experience to increase and improve my labor environment. Enterprising, honest and with great disposition to work. Good computer skills. Qualified to develop functions in the areas of Administration, Finance and Marketing.




Professional profiles free samples 5 :
As a Forestal Engineer I’ am fully enabled to plan, program, guide and manage, performance, asses and evaluate on: Activities of community extension and participation, programs of territorial ordering, plannification and handling hydrographics basin, usage and handling of soil and water, agroforestry practices, environmental impact, ecology, inventory of forestry process of wood, administration of forestry enterprises and research.

Professional profiles free samples 6 :
I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience across all Quality Assurances areas of retail management. An exceptional leader who is able to develop and motivate others to achieve targets, I can demonstrate a strong ability to manage projects from conception through to successful completion. A proactive individual with a logical approach to challenges, I perform effectively even within a highly pressurized working environment.

Professional profiles free samples 7 :
Software developer over 4 years of experience in the whole cycle of Web Applications evelopment, in constant Training to obtain more efficient processes, better and faster solutions, making the companies more profitable. Highly Self motivated and strongly quality oriented.

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