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Ending a relationship that has lasted so long is one of the saddest things in the world. Whenever we start a relationship with someone, we are hoping to never lose the connection that we have created so that we can be together forever.

However, most of the times, it turns out that maybe that person was not the right one for you, or was just not mature enough to realize the value of what was at stake. This is the point when we are forced to stop the relationship. But there are also situations in life when you are forced to you break up with the person you love, and then realize that this was a mistake, because you realize that you were in love of this person.

On this occasion we will post a sample of a letter that might help you to get back with that special person who was unforgettable for you and regain his/her heart. Send a letter to tell him/her how important they are for you, and be patient. You will see how things will work out for good. Take a look.



(Name of the person)

I know that many things have happened between you and I, things that we do not like, things that have depressed us, things that have brought us insecurity, however, there is a feeling we can still see, and I know that if we talk clearly, we will be able to fix any issues from the past.

I have always loved you, since we were friends, do you remember? I remember that I once confessed it to you after you told me you felt the same way. I have always been a coward to talk about my feelings, which is why I have never told you how hard it was for me to end up our relationship. I never wanted to get away from you.




I just want you to know that I still love you, and if you are willing to have a last talk with me, we might fix this up and I promise you I will not disappoint you again. Forgive me for everything that I have done that might have hurt you, I was just hoping that everything went well, but now I see that things went the other way.

I will be waiting for your response, because it would really make me happy that we could talk for the last time. However, I hope it will not be the last one.
I still love you.



Words have a power that you cannot imagine, just by telling someone the way you feel through words of melancholy will make him/her think about how your relationship was and they will reconsider on getting back with you. So, do not think that everything is lost. Send a letter expressing your apologies in a sincere way and saying how much you miss him/her.

They will change their point of view about you and this will grant you the opportunity of enjoying their company, each moment that you get to live again together will be even more sacred. Remember that on this website you will be able to find various tips to improve your love life, any friendship or even a family issue. We hope for you to come back soon!

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