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Friendship is wonderful and nobody can deny. Having a person who gives you his best without any interest, who is always aware to care and support you is invaluable in these times.

Within a friendship have to be grateful and not fall into the mistake of that being your friend has an obligation to do this or that. It is always necessary to show your love with actions and phrases to be reminded that she is important to you.



Here we leave several phrases of love to have them dedicate to your best friend. Send them via text message or social networking. She will thank you.

Free list of friendship messages:

– “It may not be the best friend of all and maybe you can make angry sometimes, but I love you and appreciate you. Thanks for your valuable friendship. “
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– “I will always be for when you need me. Whatever happens, I’ll be there to support you. “
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– “Finding you was a gift. You are the best friend there and I can not thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you and will always be for you. “
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– “You’re that friend that is once in life. Thanks for existing. “
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– “It is a joy for me to have a friend like you. That always has an advice to give or a joy to share. “
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– “We had so many things that bind us together and forever. I am sure our friendship will endure until we get to become old ladies. “
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– “You are more than my friend, you’re my sister because we are joining hundreds of experiences, many joys and sorrows that will keep us together forever.”
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– “I will never find a friend like you. Someone who understands me only seeing my face. Thanks for being by my side in the most difficult moments of my life. “
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– “Thanks for being there to give me a hand and arm up when I needed it. Thanks for being a true friend. I love you. “
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– “I love you so do not let anything hurt you. I will fight anyone for you. My friends will be a shield against what makes you unhappy. “
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– “A friendship like ours is something that does not go away with time. Despite being away, I know it is still intact and we are as united as ever. “
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– “When you’re sad, when you think you drop, you know you can always count on me. Do not hesitate to call me I will be to support you. “
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– “With you I learn so much. You have taught me amazing things, you make I got motivated to get my dreams and I travel almost impossible to push forward. Thanks for being the best friend I ever had.”
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– “If you want to talk, you know I am to hear you. You know I’m your friend and that nothing you say will make me change my mind. I love and appreciate you a lot. “
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– “With you I learned what true friendship. Thanks for teaching me a lesson I will never forget. “
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Share any of these phrases with your soul mate and show that you appreciate their friendship and support when you need it.

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