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There is no other feeling that we can compare with love, love is without argue the best of all, because it makes us live lots of emotions and understand what is good in life. But to do so, we need to understand that, like everything in life, it needs to be cultivated.

Something that we will always remember, if you have not lived it yet, is the first love. That first person that got us to know what lo is, who opened the doors of their heart and who earned our trust. We can remember those moments so vividly that we still feel what we felt at the time, because in that person we placed our trust and was the one with whom we decided to have an adventure of love that we both ended up enjoying.



Sometimes not everything has an ending, some relationships that star as young people end up working for a long time and this gives to those fortunate ones the opportunity knowing love beyond any barrier, to fall in love deeply without fear of losing. Build up the confidence to truly enjoy the great future that awaits them.

If you’re one of those lucky or fortunate ones who live the happiness of a relationship with your first love, then do not waste more time and share one of these texts we bring you below. Let them know haw in love you are by expressing them all that you feel.

Free examples of love texts for my partner:




– “I am very grateful to life for allowing me to live a unique experience with you, with the most wonderful woman on earth. There could not be another person that makes me happier than you.”
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– “Only your beauty awaked in my heart the first beat of hope towards a future full of pure love that I never thought I could felt. You fill me with the best energies; you deserve all my kisses and my hugs.”
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– “There is no way I could look to any other, you are the one who stole my whole heart. I have no escape, you caught me and you have become my synonymous to love since that first kiss that you gave me.”
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– “Before your arrival my life was a shadow, now that you are with me I feel that many doors are opening and any of those, with you, carries me to full satisfaction. You have changed my life and I will never be able to thank you as you deserve.”
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– “With you I feel like time stands still, it does not go by, I enjoy every minute with you, you cheer my day only with your smile. I hope you always remember that the first love is never forgotten, so I will never forget you, I will always be by your side.”
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– “You have painted love with your name, you have covered it with the way you are and you have given it to me with enthusiasm and zest for life. I can not feel more fortunate for having met you and even more for allowing me to share a life with you.”
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– “All this time with you has shown me that first love is definitely the best one, the most honest, the most direct and the one that gets to heart to stay. I appreciate what I have with you; you are my life, without you I would not have but complete emptiness.”
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– “Whenever we can be together I enjoy every moment with you. I feel that having met you is a blessing and I would not let you go for anything in the world. You came into my life as the first who taught me to love, that no one will take away from you.”
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– “When I saw you that day I realized that life would not be the same if I did not come to conquer you. You were the one that my heart had chosen and there was no turning back. Now you understand the happiness I feel when I can tell you how much I love you.”
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– “When I go to sleep, the last thing I think about is you to remember you in my dreams. Upon awaking I see your picture and you make me smile. What would I do without you? You are the one who awakens love from the depths of my soul.”
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– “It is enough to be near each other and kiss to forget that the rest exists and to keep living that dream that we live from the first day that we start this relationship. You are everything to me; you mean all the happiness that I have lived until today and forever.”
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– “Seeing the sky on a clear night is like watching your heart illuminating my nights, offering me a vast space in your unfailing of love heart. You are and will always be the queen of my heart. You deserve to be happy and that is what I live this life for.”
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– “You were the first one, you still are and will be forever the only one to occupy this important space in my heart. There is no way to get you out of my thoughts, you are all I ever wanted and now I enjoy of cultivating this lovely relationship that we have.”
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– “To hold your hands in mine makes me feel that I can protect you and that you can feel safe with me. This full confidence could not have been in another way, we have cultivated it since the first day that we met and we still are.”
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We hope you have like these sentences and that you will be encouraged to share them with that special someone without whom you could not live. Let them know your deepest feelings and you will see how your relationship gets stronger.

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