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When a woman announces she is pregnant, all her friends and family feel a great happiness. During the time of the pregnancy, a special bond is formed between the mother and the baby. The immense affection that a woman feels for her child is a pure feeling. That love can even make her willing to give her life to see that little baby happy.

If you want to express your greetings for a woman who has learned that she is going to be a mom, up next we bring you a list of congratulatory messages for an expectant mother. You can send these phrases through an SMS message or through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. to greet the woman who is expecting a baby.

Download best pregnant woman messages & quotes :

– “I send you a big greeting dear friend. Glad to hear that your biggest dream is coming true. May God bless you and your baby. “
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– “A child is a gift from heaven and I want to congratulate you, for the Lord has chosen you to bring a beautiful little angel into the world to fill your life with unparalleled joy.”
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– “A little baby is a wonderful human being who awakens the most beautiful feelings in all it’s loved ones. Many congratulations dear friend for the great news of your pregnancy. “
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– “That little being who is forming in your womb will become the engine of your life. The love you feel for your child will have no limits. Many congratulations . “
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– “That tiny little baby that is within you will be very happy because you are a very loving woman and you have been waiting with great enthusiasm for him. I wish you all the best dear friend . “
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– ” For nine months you will carry your child in your womb, but he will always be in your heart. The happiest day of your life will be when he is born and you can finally have him in your arms. “
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– ” God has given you this great blessing because you are a very special woman. That child will fill your home with lots of happiness and will become the reason for your existence. “
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– “It is a great event for any woman to learn that in her belly the fruit of their love it forming. The nine months of pregnancy will go very fast and you will have your baby in your arms to be happy forever. “
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– “You are going to remember this beautiful stage of your life forever. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy as that little angel feels all of your emotions and he is happy if you are happy. Congratulations dear friend. “
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– “God has blessed you greatly by sending you that baby. From now on you have a little angel who will give you a love beyond compare when he comes into this world. It will be a very happy boy or girl because you are going to be a wonderful mother. “
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– ” It will only be nine months in which you will have your baby inside you , but when he is born, it will be the most special time of all. You will feel that with him the hopes and dreams you had will be reborn as achild is an engine in the life of his mother. “
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– ” Make the most oout of the time of gestation because in these months you will have your baby just for yourself . When you see you him grow and leave your house, you will remember these moments. Your mother’s heart will always beat for him. “
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– ” Having a baby is like having an angel in our care. The miracle of life happens through us and it is something that cannot be explained in words. May you be very happy and make the most of this new phase dear friend. “
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– “You are very fortunate to have accomplished your dream of becoming a mother. Your daughter has not been born yet, however she is already the lady of your heart. With her arrival into the world she will bring much happiness to all your loved ones, and especially to you. God bless you so much.”
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– “A beautiful baby will shortly come into this earth and will be your constant companion. You have been blessed greatly to receive and carry in your womb the fruit of your love. Congratulations . “
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With any of these congratulatory messages you can express your good wishes to the mother and her baby.

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