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The words of gratitude are one of the ways we have to thank God for giving us all and especially to recognize that what we are living with His help. Usually in difficult situations in our lives we turn to Him, however it is important that we also present when it all goes well for us.

In this section we have compiled a list of phrases to thank the Lord for all the blessings He gives us. Choose the message you like most and share it with your loved ones via Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.



Free list of nice phrases about God:

– “God, thank you so much for being with me at every time. I have always felt that you love me. I ask you to enlighten me on how to help my neighbor. “
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– “I am very grateful to the Lord for providing me the strength every day to get by, despite my difficulties I know He loves me and will never leave me alone. “
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– “When I did wrong you helped me to get on my feet, when I thought I was in a dead end tunnel you rescued me. Heavenly Father, I know you love me and I am very grateful to you for all the blessings that you give me. “
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– “In the most difficult times you have been with me and have given me the strength to keep fighting. I feel much gratitude to you Lord for giving me the opportunity to repent and be a good man. “
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– “Even though I have many challenges I don’t get worry. I have every confidence in you Lord because you love me and will always be the light that illuminates my path. “
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– “I am very grateful to you Sir for helping me realize that I was doing wrong. From now on I will be a better person because your love is what motivated me to change. “
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– “God I thank you very much for you to have life, to be with my family and everything I have. “
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– “Heavenly Father, I realize now that if I did not get everything I wanted was because you had prepared a better way for me. I feel enormous gratitude for you have given me more than I imagined.”
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– “The love that I have for you Lord is great. I thank you because you have given me a very special mom and a beautiful family. I ask you please to always protect all my loved ones. “
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– “Dear God I ask you to bless those who are going through difficult times, I am very grateful for all that I have. In truth you’re giving me so many blessings that I might not deserve. “
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– “You are a merciful Being, you have rescued from a troubled world and have shown me the way I should go. God, I feel infinite gratitude for all you have done for me. “
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– “As time passes, more I cling to the Lord because He only seeks peace one is found. Your love and kindness are unparalleled. “
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We want you to share with all your friends these messages about the gratitude we feel for all that the Lord gives us every day.

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