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Share a first anniversary letter for your girlfriend

Celebrating your first anniversary is a unique moment that you and your girlfriend will remember forever with joy, that is why you must make the preparations to show her your love and make her feel very happy.

There is so much you can do to make this an unforgettable day for your girlfriend, but what cannot forget is to share some beautiful and romantic words with her through a love letter in which you express your deepest feelings for her.



On this occasion we offer you two examples of love letters you can send to your girlfriend on your first anniversary, so choose the one that suits you most, give it a personal touch and dedicate it to her with all your love.

Example 1 of a first anniversary letter for a girlfriend:

For: The princess of my heart.
From: Your sweetheart.

My beautiful girl, today we celebrate our anniversary and as it is the first one of many we will celebrate, I want it to be extremely special, which is why I want to express my deepest and most sincere feelings through this love letter to you.




I perfectly remember the first time I saw you because I was extremely impressed with your beauty, your sweetness that is evident through your beautiful eyes and your smile full of mischief and shyness at the same time, which made my heart fall completely in love with you.

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All the time we have shared together has been like a dream that has come true; I want to thank you because I have been able to feel your love on these 365 days and you have made me feel the happiest man in the whole world.

I want to make a very special promise to you, I want to tell you that my heart belongs completely to you and that it will be yours today, tomorrow and for ever, and I also want to promise you that my efforts will be focused on making you happy because I want our love to last forever.

I wish you a happy anniversary and remember that I love you with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul.

All my love has been, is and will always be for you.

(Your name here)

Example 2 of a first anniversary letter for a girlfriend:

For: The most beautiful girl in this world.
From: The love of your life.



My beautiful princess, you cannot imagine how happy I woke up this morning because I have been waiting the arrival of our anniversary for a long time, the day on which our beautiful love story celebrates its first year of existence.

Blessed be the beautiful day in which you and I found each other on the whim of fate because as of that moment… the purest, most sincere and great love that the whole world has seen was born in our hearts to last for all eternity.

I never imagined there could exist a woman with such a striking beauty and such an amazing intelligence and, as if it were not enough, had a heart full of such beautiful feelings, so I could not help but fall in love with you forever.

I want to wish you a happy anniversary and I promise that I will dedicate every day of my life to you to make you happy and to love you.
With all my love,

(Place your name here)

Your girl will fall for you even more when she receives any of these love letters, so do not forget to dedicate any of them to her and to come back to our website for more romantic love texts. We will be waiting for you!

Nice first anniversary letter for my girlfriend

To celebrate the first year with your girlfriend is very beautiful. It is a sign that the two of you love each other too much so you are very happy with your relationship.

If you meet a year of dating with your girl, let her know how important she is for you and how happy you feel for every day that you spend with her. Do you want to tell your girlfriend how important she is for you?

In this article we present two examples of notes to your girlfriend for the first anniversary. Post some of these notes on your Facebook wall or your Twitter and express how good you feel about having her love.



Example 3 of a first anniversary letter for my girlfriend:

From: Jorge
To: Rosario

My beautiful princess:

I am sending you this note because today is a very important date for us both, I feel like it was yesterday when you agreed to be my girlfriend. There are so many things I want to say and do not know where to start so I let my feelings to say what they must say.

Every day I spent with you have been the most wonderful of my life, in your arms I feel very happy and just being with you make me feel that I am full. I love kissing your lips because I feel as we were getting immersed into a beautiful sea of love.

By your side I have learned to recognize true love, you are my motivation to be a better person and I would give the best of me to see you happy. I cannot imagine my life without your great love; you are the woman I always dreamed of.

I love you with all my strength because you are the light that illuminates my path.

Congratulations on the first anniversary of our love.

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Example 4 of a first anniversary letter for my girlfriend:

From: Diego
To: Viviana

My beloved Viviana:

I send this note because my heart is full of joy as today we are fulfilling our first year together. You are the greatest blessing that the Lord has given to me; on this wonderful day I want to remember how much I love you.

When we met for the first time, I experienced a beautiful feeling in my heart, no words to explain that warm feeling I felt in the chest and from that moment I fell in love surrendered at your feet. In your tender gaze it’s reflected the great love you have for me and I can see the purity of your heart.

I feel I am very blessed to have your love, today we celebrate our first year together and I can tell you that I was never so happy. You are the woman of my life and I will never tire of give you my love.

The love I have is bigger than you know and I know that as time passes it grows more and more. This relationship had a very beautiful start so I will not allow it to end up. I love you with all my force.

These examples of notes for my love for the first anniversary express much love, your girl will really like that you send some to her.

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