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Before December begins, the entire city starts to decorate about Christmas and we can watch it in all the parks, streets and in the houses the beautiful decorations and bright lights that invite us to live the magic of Christmas.
And in the social networks is not different.

Many people starts to make comments about Christmas, post articles and images related with this time and begin to send congratulations wishing the best to their friends and family.



If you want to put in your status a Christmas phrase, you can use any of which we bring you next. Are very special for this Christmas time, share these and live Christmas.

Free list of nice Christmas phrases for facebook:

– “Christmas awakes on us the necessity of peace, hope and happiness. Lets enjoy it in family and live a merry Christmas.”
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– “In every Christmas the world becomes in this better place that we all want to be. Christmas has the power of stand out the best of us. Happiness to all.”
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– “A Christmas gift can be enjoyed a few time, but all the good feelings that brings the celebrating of the birth of the Savior can be last all the life if we desire.”
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– “In this Christmas I’m very grateful with God for giving me a wonderful family which I can share this beautiful time. Happiness to all.”
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– “Lets receive the child God in our hearts and let our spirit joys in his birth. Merry Christmas to all.”
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– “In this Christmas, same as the sky is full with innumerable stars, my heart fills of innumerable good wishes.”
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– “Share this message if you like Christmas and consider that the best gift you can receive is sharing happy moments at the side of the people you love.”
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– “Christmas is and will be the most beautiful of all of celebrations. There is no time that could reunite all family to live a night in peace and harmony.”
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– “In this Christmas eve we remember the birth of Jesus, give thank to God for his infinite love at sending his son. I hope that this night we have a merry Christmas at the side of our families.”
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– “Despite of the doesn’t allows me share with my family this Christmas, I want you to know that my hear is with you in this Christmas eve.”
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– “I feel with excitement at knowing that all family will be united in this Christmas and I could see again the people I love the most in the table. I mean, that all of us have a merry Christmas at the side of our loved beings.”
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– “Is time to joy in the birth of the child God and hug each others to wish a merry Christmas.”
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– “Christmas is the perfect excuse to see us again after long time and share our best memories.”
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Express all the well of Christmas by these phrases in your Facebook status.

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