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Free phrases to apologize to your love

It is not rare to make a mistake, to say things we really did not mean to say and to get ourselves into trouble we were not looking for. This happens because we are human and this is something that is part of our nature. It is complicated when it happens in a relationship, because resentment plays a very important role and we need to know how to apologize and to get rid even of the memory of the mistake once and for all.



To begin, as long as there is not an honest and sincere dialogue, it is difficult to make things clear. Everyone has a different perspective and we all think we are right, but it is important to be empathetic and try to calm down to really listen to what the other has to say.
If you made a mistake and you are now looking for forgiveness, it is important for you to recognize where you went wrong, so you do not do it again. Secondly, you have to assume certain commitments. To help you express the regret that you may be experiencing, you can use one of the following phrases.

Please forgive me quotes to download :

:: “Honey, I do not know where to begin to apologize to you. The truth is that I have committed one of the biggest mistakes of my life, and I will spend the rest of it apologizing if necessary. I would like you to try to be in my place for a minute so, maybe, you could understand why I did what I did. I know we are struggling right now, but I also remember how good we are when everything is fine and that is why I felt I stood a chance by coming to you, asking you to apologize me for my mistakes and to promise that I can do better. I love you more than anyone in the world and if there is something that I do not want, is for you to be far from me, for you are everything”.
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:: “I am terrible sorry for the consequences of the mistakes I have made. Some time ago, we would have been doing this together: taking a stroll along the boardwalk, watching the birds singing, feeling the sea breeze. All of this was better when it was by your side; now it is as if it had lost its charm. I apologize sincerely, because I know I have made mistakes that are difficult to forgive. Give me another chance; I swear I have learned my lesson”.
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:: “I want you to allow me to show you all the changes I have made in my life, because I really think that they are making me a better person and that is just what you wanted. I hope it is not too late to make you see the potential I have. I was terribly wrong and I know that behavior like that leaves traces, but I am willing to give all my effort to remove them and to pull through together. I love you more than you imagine”.
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:: “I realize that we failed keeping our emotions under control during our last fight and that is why now we are paying the consequences. In moments of anger we should not talk much less discuss, because we ended up acting impulsively and we were not showing much emotional intelligence, so there is no way anyone could have ended up with no scars. I want to apologize for my part in the matter, much of what I said was excessive and it hurts me to realize the pain I have caused you”.
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:: “You do not know how terrible I feel when I remember my mistake. I never wanted to offend you in any way; I hope you believe me. Please give me a chance to amend my mistakes; I am willing to do anything it takes to make it right with you in the best way possible”.
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Let us ensure that it is not too late to apologize, because sometimes the errors and mistakes that we make in the relationship come with a big price, and often it is very high. Use one of the phrases that we have shared with you and hope that everything goes well with your partner. If you really try hard and speak from the heart, then things will get better, it is about giving it time. See you!

Beautiful phrases to apologize to your husband

We all make mistakes that can end up affecting our lives and the one of our loved ones. We make mistakes almost daily, sometimes even without realizing it, but if don’t make amends on time we will be making the same mistakes over and over again in time.

What should we do when our attitude hurts or upsets someone who likes us? Well the wiser action is to apologize. If we ask for forgiveness from out heart, the other person will understand and accept our apologies. Have you failed to your husband and want to apologize? Worry no more.



In this article we will show you a list of phrases to apologize to your husband. Send one of these phrases as an SMS to your husband and he will easily forgive you for your mistake, even if was as big as the sun.

Free list of phrases to apologize to your husband:

– “I never wanted to fail you in that way, I ask you to forgive me and understand, if I did it, it was because I love you and I’m afraid to lose you, I’ll never doubt you again.”
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– “I want you to know that I am sorry I said those offensive words, for a moment my mind was clouded but in my heart there is still much love for you.”
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– “Forgive me for being so unfair to you, I accept it was my mistake and in the name of the love between us I ask you to forgive me”
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– “If you forgive me I’ll show you I learned my lesson and I will never again doubt your love for me, please forgive me, I cannot live like this.”
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– “There are times in a marriage in which it goes through a rough patch, but if there is love problems are overcome and forgotten, forgive me for God’s sake.”
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– “I accept it was my mistake to not trust your word, you’re upset because I did not trust you, give me another chance and I will not fail you.”
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– “The discussion we had was not your fault, I accept that I was responsible for this misunderstanding, I still love you and if you feel the same way, you will find it in you to forgive me.”
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– “I feel bad because the only culprit of this fight was me, please forgive me and let’s return to the happy marriage we always had.”
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– “Since the fight we had that night, things between us have not been the same, I apologize, please sweetie accept my apologies.”
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– “Ever since the day we had that fight, the joy I had every time I saw you was gone, give happiness to my heart, give me your forgiveness.”
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– “I’m not the perfect woman you thought, I recognize that I made a mistake, but what I was not wrong about was to have chosen you as my husband, please forgive me.”
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– “An argument cannot be the end of our marriage, at times like these we must show our love is true love, forgive me dear husband.”
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– “I never want to argue with you ever again, please forgive me and I swear by our love that it will never happen again.”
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We hope these phrases to apologize to your husband help you. We are sure that your husband will understand that it was just a mistake.

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