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Being in love makes us indescribably happy. Love can change the way we look at the world. Some people used to be serious and shy before they fell in love, but after finding love they become cheerful and sociable. When we are truly in love, other men or women do not exist; we only have eyes for our loved one.

Lovers have several ways to express their love: kisses, hugs, caresses, poems, love letters and songs, among many others. Now social networks like Facebook are used by people in love to express their love. Do you want to send a love phrase to your loved one’s Facebook? In this article there is a list of Facebook love phrases. Send them and express your love for that special someone.



Free samples of the best facebook love phrases :

– “My love for you is so strong that it could shelter me from a rock avalanche, and as necessary as the air that I breathe every day.”
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– “There was a time in my life when I was surrounded by people but I felt lonely. You came along and everything changed. You are my ideal partner. I love you, princess.”
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– “Today I will look for you so my eyes enjoy your beauty, and so my hear fills with love. You are my soul mate.”
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– “You make me daydream. You make me happy. You color my life and give happiness to all my being. I love you as I have never loved anyone before.”
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– “Kiss me once more so my skin becomes impregnated with the taste of your lips and I can feel you near whenever I want.”
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– “I do not want to deceive you by promising you the moon or the stars. I want to be honest with you and offer you the only thing I have: my love for you.”
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– “I handed out my heart to you and you took it as the most precious gift. I love you because you are the woman in my life.”
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– “Come what may, if I am with you I will be happy. Your love makes me want to live each day with more enthusiasm than the day before. I love you.”
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– “The greatest joy of all was the day I met you. I did not know your name, but I somehow knew that I would be happy with you.”
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– “Sometimes I can only look at you while you talk to me. Although you say a lot of things, I end up lost in your beautiful face.”
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– “I will not stop loving you even if you are far away from me. Distance is no obstacle because my love is bigger than the world.”
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– “Ever since I am with you I feel my life is wonderful. Thank you for loving me and showing me what love is.”
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We hope you liked these Facebook love phrases. We are sure your loved one will be very happy to receive one of these love phrases.

Send your originals love phrases ,love text messages , love quotes to post on Facebook wall and will be published , others friends will thank you.

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love phrases for facebook,love text for facebook,love quotes for facebook,romantic text for facebook,text messages to to post on facebook

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