New Beautiful Phrases & Wishes Before A Surgery

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It is perfectly normal for people to become nervous before having an operation. Thus it is necessary for people about to have surgery to count with the emotional support of their families and also their friends.

Surgical intervention may be simple but sometimes suddenly very complicated, but if people have company and the appreciation of their families they may feel more at ease and more peaceful. Do you want to write a note to a partner or a close relative prior to their surgery?

In this post we will give you the best phrases to cheer someone up before an operation. Send these phrases through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp and send all the encouragement and good luck to the person who will soon be subjected to an operation.

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– “Do not worry, everything will go perfect, you are a very strong man who still has many years to live, I wish you the best recovery and that you may be like as if nothing happened soon.”
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– “Look to the future with enthusiasm and positivity, this intervention will help you get back your wellbeing, have no worries dear friend, this is the first step to have a good health.”
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download messages of get well soon,beautiful messages of get well soon– “Almost everyone at some point in their lives has to undergo surgery, and this time it is your turn, all of us who appreciate you have the assurance that your surgery will go well and that in no time you will recover.”
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– “During your surgery you will be asleep and you will not feel a thing, but when you wake up all the people who love you and appreciate you will be right by your side cheering you up so that you have a fast recovery, God bless you dear friend.”
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– “Allowing this disease to continue its course is a serious mistake, it’s for the best that you decided to take the surgical intervention which will help you improve your health so you can fully enjoy life.”
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– “Many blessings on your operation dear friend, I know that surgery is a complicated thing for all of us and that it is always a source of stress, but God will help you and everything will go perfect.”
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– “Your intervention will help you get rid of the disease that is currently invading your body, be sure you will be as good as new very soon and so will be able to do the things you like the most.”
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– “The doctors are experts in these operations so do not worry, your intervention is easy and in just a few days you will be ready to go home and enjoy the company of your family.”
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– “The only thing left for you to do is trust the doctor’s hand and pray to God to help you for a successful operation and a quick recovery.”
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– “I know that you want to feel good in order to meet your many dreams, have great faith that after your operation you will be able to accomplish everything you want.”

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– “You must be very happy that your illness has a cure, I desire from the bottom of my heart that your operation results in the best and that you recover is as quick as it can be.”
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We hope you liked some of these before surgery messages so they you can help encourage that person whether it is a family member or a friend that is going to undergo surgery.

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  1. Anonymous   2016/10/13 at 13:52

    Thanks for your help

  2. b.b.   2016/10/10 at 23:56

    how about someone proofreading and spell checking these cards ? Come on ” felling lonely” – really ?

  3. Don   2016/06/21 at 05:05

    These quotes really great ! Thanks for your help!

  4. Anonymous   2016/06/21 at 05:00

    I like too much these phrases ,Thanks

  5. Anonymous   2016/05/19 at 20:16

    the phrase Peter is replicating states “man”

  6. Anonymous   2016/03/24 at 06:21

    In a reply to your comment Peter, I am a girl.

  7. Peter   2015/11/10 at 22:18

    As stated in the first phrase, “everything will go perfect, you are a very strong man who still has many years to live” are two of the worst things to say. No one knows how everything will go, nor how many years we have to live. How about, “I’ll be there when you need me.”

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