Free End Of A Relationship Texts

Download new end of a relationship texts Love is a feeling that just as it comes, it goes. Just as everything in the face of the earth. When it comes to an end we get very sad but it is better to turn the page and walk without looking back. Since you are not the […]

Download Free God Texts

Download New God texts Since we are small, religious values to accept God as our creator and the creator of all that exists in the universe are instilled in us. They tell us that God is our protector, the one who blesses us with good fortune for us to find our way and the one […]

Download Free Birthday Texts For My Sister

Download cute birthday texts for my sister who is far away One of the most difficult situations we have to cope with is to have a sister who is far away from us. Whether she had to travel abroad to study, to work or because she got married to a person who is from another […]

Download Beautiful New Year Texts For Facebook

Download Beautiful New Year Texts For Facebook

Download free New Year for Facebook The advent of social networks into our lives marked a before and after in the way in which we communicate with our friends and loved ones. Facebook presents a very user friendly interface and is very practical to communicate our feelings, as the things that happen to us throughout […]

New Free Birthday Texts For A Godfather

Cute free birthday texts for a godfather When we baptize our children, we have to choose their godparents, they can be a friend or a family member who we have a high esteem for. Although today there are also godparents for confirmation, marriage, first communion, among other events. To choose the godfather and godfather of […]

Very Beautiful New Year Texts

Download beautiful New Year texts When a year comes to an end we can feel a bunch of mixed feelings, a bit of nostalgia for those who are gone, happiness for all harvested success, sadness and anger for failures, etc. But having a positive attitude, we can realize that the balance of the past year […]

Download Free Birthday Texts For A Brother

Download new Birthday texts for my brother In our lives, our brothers are very important people. We share with them our best years of life in addition of being our first buddies with whom we share emotions and travels. Older brothers are those who watch over us and keep us from danger, always looking to […]

Download Cute Texts About Kisses

Download new texts about kisses Kissing can be many, of many ways and under many circumstances. There are kisses that do not wait, fast kisses, prohibited ones, hidden ones, sudden ones, passionate ones, the newlywed’s ones, the one for an anniversary or from happiness. Undoubtedly, passionate kisses are those that come closer to our hearts […]

Download Free New Year Texts

Download cute New Year texts Throughout the year we have many special dates to celebrate next to our family and our friends. The first celebration of the year, is precisely the one that celebrates the beginning of it, all around the world, trillions of people join together to express their best wishes and to renew […]

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