Celebration Of The First Anniversary Of My Relationship

Original surprises for the first anniversary of a couple The first anniversary is an important date for a couple. In one year, the couple knows better and the experiences they faced together will make the relationship stronger. It’s true that in just one year a couple doesn’t know everything about each other but they learn […]

Phrases To Break Up With Your Fiance

Messages to break up with your fiancé The end of a relationship is a hard moment for anybody. We fall in love with someone; we think is the love of our life but the time passes, differences show up and we finally decide to end the relationship. Nobody likes to break up with his/her fiancé, […]

Messages To Post On Facebook

Texts to post on facebook Facebook is the most famous social network. Millions of people use it every day to stay in contact with their friends and to update their status. In facebook, people can upload their photos, videos, post events, advertise products and services, chat, send messages and meet friends who have things in […]

Phrases For Friends Who Remembered My Birthday

Thanks for your happy birthday messages How do you spend your birthday? Most of our friends visit us; give presents, hugs, kisses and their best wishes. Spend time with friends is just great; we would really enjoy their company in dates like our birthday. There are some occasions in which our friends plan a surprise […]

Best Happy Birthday Messages For Someone Who Is Far Away | Birthday Wishes

Best Happy Birthday Messages For Someone Who Is Far Away | Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday whishes for somebody who is far from us The love we have for our friends is the best gift we can give to them. When friendship or love for people is real, there are no obstacles to express our feelings. It doesn’t matter if they live near us or not, if you love them […]

Couple Anniversary Messages

Romantic phrases for a couple’s anniversary The time of relationship in a couple can tell us the kind of love they are living. A long relationship is the result when both are sure about their feelings and they have found the right person. Some couples try to keep the flame of love with romantic details. […]

Happy Birthday Messages For A Boyfriend

Happy birthday phrases for a boyfriend A girl must feel real love to start a relationship with a man. Having a boyfriend is synonym of happiness; it means that we find the right person to give us our love. A boyfriend is someone who could win our heart; things that make him happy are things […]

New Thanks For A Year Of Relationship Messages

New Thanks For A Year Of Relationship Messages

Phrases to say thanks to my boyfriend for a year of relationship When we have a boyfriend, we accept we’re falling in love and our feelings are true. Spend time with him is good for the relationship and it could help to improve it, too. We learn new things when we argue with him and […]

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