Wedding party best ideas

Planning my wedding party to be a total success :  The most of the couple take the decision of getting married to celebrate a really great wedding. However, even if the expenses of the wedding are really high, their wedding party happened to be a total failure, a complete disaster. The celebration of a wedding is […]

Free just married greetings

Sweet greetings or messages for a just married couple : The marriage between two people of different sexes is actually one of the most important social institutions around the whole world, because this is the base of the family. Sadly, these last years, the number of people who choose to get married has decreased considerably due the […]

Wedding thank you letters

How to write a wedding thank you note to your friends : Lately, the most of the people have lost the habit of saying thanks to the guests who were part of their wedding celebration. However, this nice proof of courtesy from the just married couple must not be forgotten because there are so many […]

Industrial engineering career information

The professional career called Industrial engineering, the profile of a good engineer : These late days, between the most successful and demanded professionals in Latin-America and the rest of the entire world, we can find the industrial engineers. For that reason, on this essay, we will talk about the advantages of studying the Industrial Engineering […]

Birthday thank you message on Facebook

Birthday thank you message on Facebook

The best Birthday thank you messages for facebook Saying thank you is a sign of good education, but it also helps you express how grateful you are to the other person who has thought of you. On special occasions like our birthdays, we usually receive many gifts and greetings, with a lot of love. Express […]

Thank you message of love on Facebook

Answers to thank someone who sent you a message of love on Facebook : The wall of facebook is actually the most preferred application for millions of people, because through this application we not only can express our deepest feelings but also share them with others.   Surely, you have received a really nice love […]

Best marriage thank you messages

Answers to thank someone who sent you a message or greeting for your marriage : Lately, it is really common to receive some messages and greetings for your marriage through text messages, e-mails or maybe on the wall of Facebook. The new applications of internet allow the people to express any kind of feeling according […]

Resume objective free samples

Resume objective samples : Free objective sample templates :Totally free a big list with the best resume objective . Resume objective 1 : As an Industrial Engineer I would like to implement projects and programs to optimize resources relating to the areas of production, maintenance, quality and / or logistics.Being part of your staff of professionals, […]

New Good professional profile samples

New Good professional profile samples

Best professional profiles free samples for resume The professional profile describes the knowledge and skills a person has. When companies look for employees, they want to find on the applicants’ professional profile information such as their professional degree. It means, if these applicants have bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD and so on. Also, these companies […]

When is the international womens day

International  Women’s Day (8 March),a history of International women’s day : Since some years ago, in consequence of many social fights started by the women with an objective called “same rights for everyone”, there was created the celebrations for the day Of the woman. Today, it is possible to see how the women can develop […]

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