Learn to Build a Computer,How to make a CPU

How to build a CPU,build your own computer:   Currently, there are several computers on the market that are already built, but sometimes there are cases in which we buy the pieces separately and then we begin implementing them in the CPU or, in the other hand, we choose to learn how to assemble a […]

Free utilities to delete undeletable files,tips to delete files from your pc

Eliminate files that do not let you erase them,delete files permanently :  Many times it has been impossible to us to eliminate a file, because it is been used by the operative system, this usually happens because some problems that occur when using multimedia, specifically by some .avi damaged files, which make their corresponding codec to […]

How to recover pictures erased

Best way to recover accidentally deleted pictures from your digital camera : Accidents are always happening, especially in digital cameras with flash memories or hard drive; it could be due to a malfunction of the camera, because we should have not pressed a button, etc. But, what do we do when we realize that we should have […]

How to repair Flash memories

Flash memory toolkit, repair tools for USB drives,how to fix errors and format USB flash drives, USB, SD MMC, memory stick:  Most us have had to deal with the fact that our portable memory devices have started to fail (USB, Pendrivers, Secure digital, memory stick, players, MMC, etc.), these failures commonly involve problems such as […]

What is a pen drive,popular USB pen drives

Popular types of USB Pen Drives : :pen drive 16gb, usb flash pen drive, drives pen drive, exagerate pen drive, flash hard disk, pendrive 8 gb, flash disk drive, usb 2.0 flash drive   The flash drive, also known commercially as USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a compact storage device that uses flash memory to store […]

Information for working in Australia

Jobs in Australia,immigration to Australia,working in Australia,visa information : Immigrants who count with the advice of a migratory agent will have more chances of obtaining a temporal or permanent work visa, given by the Australian authorities. Even when Australia has policies in favor of immigration, it also has laws that severely punish illegal immigrants, with […]

Which is the best antivirus software

Top windows antivirus ,free antivirus ? : They are many the viruses that round the Internet and which, at any time, might infect our machine, that is why it is very necessary having a good anti-virus software that protects us, it is also important to remember that every day we must update our anti – […]