AVG free antivirus,AVG free download

What is AVG ?,free AVG antivirus download : It is a term used to relate a series of antivirus and security software through the Internet, selling operative systems such as Microsoft, Linux and FreeBSD. The AVG Technologies Company took this term which came from their first product, Anti – Virus Guard; this company is from […]

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What is malware ?Fee malware removal,Anti-malware programs : Malware are known as malicious programs or codes, whose objective is to damage the computer in any possible way or, also, to invade the privacy of the user with spy software. Malware covers a wide range of harmful or bothering files, such as spyware, Trojans, risk ware, […]

What is software,software reviews,software guide

What is software ?,What is Software Piracy ?,What is software theft,software maintenance,software testing :   Software is a computer’s logical program that works virtually following a series of instruction of different programming languages, in order to achieve certain objective; it counts with an interface to make easier its execution for the user. This type of […]

What is the Keylogger,best AntiKeylogger

Keylogger spy software,What is a Keylogger Trojan,What is the best anti key logger to use ? : It is a program in which anything that a user types down through the keyboard can be recorded and all of it is send to third parties. This tools, which was initially created for the development of software, […]

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What is spyware and adware and what to do about it ?,Free Adware Removal can help you : Adware is a program that works in a second scale while you are using your computer with Internet connection. Adware has an interface or window that has as a content some type of advertisement (antivirus, antispam programs), […]

What is an antivirus software

What is an antivirus software ?,Download antivirus software for spyware and virus protection : It is a software which is capable of preventing, detecting and eliminating any malicious program or file that is located in your computer, in order to be able to prevent any damage that it could cause, through the propagation or transmission […]

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What are emoticons ?,free Emoticons for MSN ,animated emoticons for messenger,winks fo messenger :  They are known as emoticons, these symbols can be static or animated and they are frequently used in chat, forums, blogs or anywhere else. They are used to express some feeling; they usually have face shapes or full bodies, objects or […]