Writing Curriculum Vitae tips resumen templates samples examples

How to elaborate a curriculum vitae to apply for a job in the United States of America? The presentation of the resume or curriculum goes according to the redaction standards pointed out, will make possible making a brief description of the applier and make the employer interested. After getting the attention of the employer through […]

How to write a presentation letter,cover letter free samples

How to write a cover letter to go with your curriculum vitae and apply for a job  in Usa ? : The chances of accessing to a personal interview and, therefore, a job spot, depend exclusively in the content of our presentation letter or cover letter. Looking for a job in the United States might […]

All about social security number social security card SSN

How to request the social security number ? : The social security number or card, is given to the immigrants who are, or not, authorized to work, and allows them to access to the benefits of the social security and to services that the North American government provides. Non immigrant visa, social insurance number, Social […]

All about to obtain Usa citizenship

How and when to obtain the citizenship of the United States of America? Through a process of naturalization, every immigrant who has the permanent residency in the United States, might become an American citizen, after fulfilling certain requirements and approving the citizenship exam. Naturalization process, Permanent Residency, Citizenship Exam, Naturalization ceremony. When an immigrant arrives […]

Immigrant life in USA complete guide

How is the life of an immigrant in the USA ? : Preparing the mood, the language and the professional certification, will allow the immigrant who enters into the United States through the legal way, to get a job appropriately remunerated, which will let him or her, not only to access to privileges and benefits […]

Advantages and disadvantages to migrate to Usa

Advantages and disadvantages to migrate to Usa

Why USA ? Advantages and disadvantages of picking up the United States of America to immigrate : The legal immigrants who arrive to the United States might become American citizens with the consequent working and social benefits. The terrorist attacks of September 11 of 2001 have caused strict migratory policies; this is why, the illegal […]

All about immigrating to Usa

United States Immigration: Green Card, Visas and U.S. Citizenship: Immigrating to the United States of America legally means: employment, receiving services from the Government, access to benefits and paying taxes. Visa, Immigrant Visa, Immigrant Visa, Social Security Number, Immigrating. The American dream has always been a constant to thousands of immigrants who go to the […]

Working and studying in Usa

How to work while you study in the United States of America ? : Any student can work and study without the authorization of the Immigration Service. The options to work and study are most common in universities that offer Co – Op programs. F – 1 Visa, J – 1 Visa, Co – Op […]

All about working legally in Usa

Contracts of employment in the Usa: When immigrants are sponsored by a company, they receive job offers that constitute the contract of employment because in it, the benefits and the working and economic conditions are registered, which are decided by the employer and consists in giving them to the immigrant worker as long as he […]

All information about student visas for Usa

Permissions for students, student visas for Usa, requirements : Studying in the United States for an immigrant is possible by accessing the F – 1 and M – 1 Visas, for full time studies and academic, technical or vocational programs respectively, been one of the most important requirements the academic grades and the economic reliability. […]

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